GSMC 2020 Quarterly Sales Achievement


4th Quarter (2019) - Oct 1 thru Dec 31 – Deadline 2/5/20 – Awards Presentation 2/19/20
1st Quarter – Jan 1 thru March 31 – Deadline 4/8/20 – Awards Presentation 4/22/20
2nd Quarter – April 1 thru June 30 – Deadline 7/8/20 – Awards Presentation 7/22/20
3rd Quarter – July 1st thru Sep 30th – Deadline 10/7/20 – Awards Presentation 11/12/20
4th Quarter – Oct 1 thru Dec 31 – Deadline 1/13/21 – Awards Presentation TBD 2021

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CRITERIA – All entrants must be members in good standing of the Sales & Marketing Council (SMC). Information requested below is required for all applicants. Company submitting applicants must be a member of the BIA, and each individual sales person/manager receiving an award must be a member of the SMC.
All entrants will receive a certificate (this is not a judged award).
Sales volumes are based on the individual employee’s performance within the quarter.

You will be asked to provide:

  • Back-up sales data verifying each individual’s sales.
  • Closing information for all sales for quarter, final closing price, date closed
  • A photo of the candidate.

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