April 8: Buying the Experience Workshop with Jeff Shore

April 8: Buying the Experience Workshop with Jeff Shore

  •  Date: Wednesday, April 8th
  • Time: 9am to Noon
  • Location: Radisson Hotel Newport Beach
  • Cost: $95 per person. Please contact Ali Westbrook for group sales (925) 784-9838
  • Learn more and REGISTER HERE

Program Description:

In this riveting three-hour workshop, real estate sales expert Jeff Shore takes you on a tour of your buyer’s mind and emotions – from their initial threat perceptions, to understanding their pains and promises and then forward into the joy of falling in love with their dream home.

Jeff’s all-new workshop will show you exactly:

  • How a homebuyer’s mental shortcuts threaten the sale – and what to do about that
  • How to quickly and securely establish your role as “assistant buyer”
  • How to identify and correct your own cognitive errors in the sales process
  • How to stop “demonstrating” homes but instead create unforgettable experiences
  • How to help a customer experience a home according to their own agenda
  • How to leverage five powerful secrets of personalizing a home on the fly
  • How to perfect the subtle art of “partnership closing”

Part 1: The Buyer  

  • The Psychology of Buying
  • The Role of Heuristics in the Evaluation Process
  • Pain vs. Pleasure
  • The Buying Formula
  • Common Cognitive Errors
  • How a Customer Wants and Needs to Experience a Home
  • Creating Cognitive Strain vs. Cognitive Ease
  • Understanding and Using Emotional Altitude to Close the Sale

Part 2: The Salesperson 

  • The Salesperson’s Heuristics
  • Common Cognitive Errors and Damaging Assumptions
  • Adapting Your Style to Fit the Customer
  • Emotional Pacing
  • Common but Dangerous Phrases
  • How to Move Through Sale-Stopping Moments
  • Showing the Home as an Experience
  • Personalizing the Home on the Fly
  • The Art of “Partnership Closing”

You can learn more about what Jeff will cover in this quick video introduction…

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