Board of Directors

Dottie Sweeney

MIRM, AVP, West Coast Marketing, Toll Brothers I’m a people person at heart, which is why being part of the homebuilding industry is so rewarding. There’s nothing more incredible than helping families realize their dream of homeownership! This industry is special as I have made lifelong friends and have mad respect for my competitors and peers. There is so much passion to be found in homebuilding, and I wear my stripes proudly as a board member for GSMC!

Rachel Otero 1st Vice President

Vice President of Sales, Fusion Sign and Design  Just call me the Energizer Bunny! I’m pretty sure I was born to work in client services because I LOVE my clients and I LOVE my job. I’m beyond blessed to work with some of the best in the industry and even more blessed to call many of them close friends. I don’t see my job as work, which not many people can say. My professional and personal life all blend together most of the time, but I couldn’t ask for a better industry to call home. Love what you do, and do what you love!

Sara Kilburn Secretary

CDMO, Design Line Interiors Truth be told, I’ve been called a “Lovely Freight Train,” but really I’m just a high spirited, Type A, genuine rainmaker, that loves what I do and those with whom I do it! This Industry is my passion, my home away from home and my second family. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t work hard to support it and keep it running strong on all cylinders. “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun….if you find the fun, then SNAP, the job’s a game.” – Mary Poppins (Words I live by every day).

Melissa Auten 

Builder Development Manager, Fisher & Paykel Appliance Melissa here! I was born and raised in the OC and I’m a die-hard sports junkie turned coach. I never shy away from a crowd and I love public speaking. Being in a room full of people to engage with is one of my favorite things to do. I’m an energetic team builder who loves to collaborate with the best and brightest in the industry, especially our GSMC members!

Carol Cavazos

Marketing and Community Relations, Pardee Homes I’ve been involved in the building industry for just over 13 years. I’ve been told that everything I touch turns to gold, but I really am just a fun-loving, sweet and sassy personality with an ambitious nature to succeed! I truly love every aspect of the homebuilding industry. But at the end of the day, my true passion is people. Seeing the smile on someone’s face after delivering a well-designed product is what it’s all about for me. I’m excited to grow relationships within GSMC!

Sara Cruz

Meritage Homes 
My marketing career in the new home construction industry began in 2005 and I’ve never looked back. I absolutely love opening a new community (the smell of fresh mulch, mmmm!) and feel an even higher sense of gratification when I get to close one. Being part of the GSMC family has been the icing on the cake over the past several years, and I’ve had the privilege of working with the best of the best in this industry!

Sharon Sommer Florentine

President, Florentine Creative Hello…it’s me. I go by many names: Sharon, Shar, Mom, and Mimi (my personal favorite!). I’ve been in the industry for quite some time, and I owe my success to the connections and friendships I’ve made over the years. I love, love, love what I do! As a member of the GSMC board, I hope to make a difference in people’s lives by sharing my personal experiences and adventures. When I’m not a serious business woman, I’m a spunky lady who loves designing, reading, playing with the kiddies, playing with the dog…well, okay…I guess playing in general!

Eddie Font

President & Co-Founder, VisionScape Imagery, Inc.
While attending USC’s School of Architecture, I worked with my dad who had joined Pardee Homes in the early 70s when I found my calling in this unique field of Architectural Visualization. I was incredibly fortunate to find my passion and strengths in art, architecture, and real estate development at such an early age, and co-founded VisionScape with my brother Joe. I’m a proud member of various building industry associations, including BIA OC, and am thrilled to be back on the GSMC Board working with amazing people who are passionate about this industry and what we do. I LOVE this industry!!

Jasvina Gill

Vice President, p11creative My dad got me involved in the home building industry at an early age. I remember “looking at dirt” on weekends with the entire family. Apparently when I was a wee babe, I enjoyed eating the dirt too…weird. Our boys are out on their own, one working in the Bay Area and the other in med school at UCI. It’s safe to say I am one proud mom! I absolutely love my job and this industry and enjoy all aspects of sales and marketing!

Meagan Gomez

Marketing Manager, Trumark Homes The home building industry was a huge part of my upbringing here in the beautiful OC. After a short stint in the medical field post college, I decided to return to my roots and come HOME to home building…and I’m so glad I did! My specialities involve all things marketing, social media, advertising, PR, and event planning. Life’s a journey and I’m loving the ride!

Steve Greco

Senior Director of Sales, Focus 360
I am a 25+ year veteran of the Real Estate Development industry and am the Senior Director of Sales for Focus 360. Focus 360 is a leading and award winning Digital Rendering, Animation and Interactive firm serving developers, builders, architects and designers for all verticals of Real Estate Development. I have been with Focus 360 since 1996 and manages sales, marking and new business development in CA, AZ, NV and HI. Prior to joining Focus 360, I was the Director of Information Technologies and a Consultant to a number of Southern California real estate developers and consulting firms including; The Irvine Company, Bramalea Homes, Lennar Homes, Kenneth Leventhal Consulting, Capital Pacific Holdings and Pacific Bay Homes.

Valerie Hardman

Outdoor Dimensions I have been in this beloved industry for over 35 years and I can say that I still love being a “sign geek.” More than that though, I love all the wonderful relationships I have built and continue to build while being a signage partner to our clients. Oh, and by the way, in my other life I am a singing and dancing queen!

Erin Laurance

Brookfield Residential
Marketing Lead
Being new to this industry, I have never felt more at home. Witnessing the passion that my colleagues have and the lasting connections that are developed from working together is something very special, and I’m so grateful for the amazing experience! Joining the GSMC family is a reminder that every single person is important, every single person matters, and every single person leaves their mark on this industry. I couldn’t think of a better place to be!

Tracey Long

Director of Marketing,
William Lyon Homes
I’ve been in the homebuilding industry for the last 22 years and I honestly can’t see doing anything else. I absolutely love what I do and I get to do it with some of the industry’s finest. At the end of the day it truly warms my heart to know we are providing a home for people – whether they are a first time buyer or buying their last home. We play a pretty big part in that stage of their life and it’s just so rewarding to see.

Shelly Lynch

Partner and President, Trilogy Plant Co.,  I’m a positive plant lady who loves this industry! I thrive on getting my hands dirty with exciting new projects (and plants, obviously). I’m dedicated to the homebuilding life and providing our clients with fabulous solutions through the magic of creativity. If you’re looking for someone who is passionate for design, horticulture, sales, and marketing, I’m your gal!

Erin Meadows

Sales and Marketing Manager, Sunstreet I love to bring sunshine into people’s lives, and since I can’t bring them the actual sun…I thought solar would be the next best thing! With the help of my incredible team and my trusty fingers typing at lightening speed, I get people excited about using solar on their new homes. I’m so thankful to be part of the homebuilding community and the GSMC family!

Lisa Parrish

Chief Creative Chick, Team PMP I proudly wear the hat as Chief Creative Chick at PMP and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m always hungry for new projects and something I can really sink my teeth into! I’m passionate about providing inspiration to others through a willingness to share knowledge, and it brings me immense joy to mentor others in the home building industry. My daily agenda involves marketing promoting, and doing great things with great people!

Shane Parrish

Director of Shenanigans, Team PMP As the director of shenanigans at PMP – my specialties are planning, logistics, marketing, promotion and details. Working with the creative talents on the GSMC inspires me every day. I’m blessed to work in this fantastic industry.

Nate Peo

VP of Purchasing and Construction
Lewis Management Corp. 
“Don’t just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference!” The GSMC board is full of amazing people that live by this credo in some way or another, and it just goes to show how dedicated, passionate, and caring this industry really is! I thrive off of people who love what they do and bring positivity to the workplace. When this group gets together, we can move mountains, and that is what I want to be a part of!

Renee Self Gibbons

VP of Sales and Marketing, Chameleon Design They call me Renee “Group Selfie” Gibbons, if that tells you anything! When I’m not stirring up trouble, herding a plethora of kittens, or snapping everyone in group selfies, I’m dedicated to my amazing job at Chameleon Design and being part of the incredible board here at GSMC. I’m always available to lend a helping hand to co-workers, clients, family, friends, and perfect strangers. I have a knack for marketing, sales, design, and making people laugh!

Ryan Smart

Beazer Homes
I have been in Marketing in the Home Building and Home Improvement industry for 15 years (has it really been that long?!). I love everything about the industry – the creativity, community and especially the people. No where else do you get big city experience with that small town feel. I love connecting with my peers throughout the industry – they are incredible and many have become lifelong friends.

Catherine Tang

Account Marketing Director, Toll Brothers
I didn’t know anything about homebuilding when I walked my first set of models more than 10 years ago. I was just a new college graduate with a degree in marketing, a passion for interior design and time on my hands. I loved seeing the decorated models and imagining what it was like to design the home. I went back to the sales office and noted the name of the company. That afternoon, I went online and found an open position for a Sales & Marketing Coordinator and immediately applied. I got the job and have turned it into a career that I love!

Valerie Taylor

Onsite Sales Manager, Griffin Residential
I have been in new home sales almost 30 years. When I started out I was single mom with 2 small children and needed more structured hours than a resale career could provide. So I began a life long career as a new homes sales consultant. It has been many amazing years of learning something new every day and meeting new people that become your customers, friends, mentors and associates. With every sale, every builder, every community I have been involved in each day and each transaction is a new adventure. Ultimately, I love working with the buyers to help them purchase and create a home that embraces how they live – making their vision of their dream home come true!! That happy squeal when they get their keys makes every challenge and learning experience along the way all worth it!!

Andrea Villanueva

Brand Manager, Get Community 
I never thought I would end up working in the homebuilding industry but it’s without a doubt one of the most rewarding experiences. As a Brand Manager, I’m always looking for ways to take my clients brand to the next level and work with them to create something that no one else has done before. I’m still relatively new to the industry but I’m learning something every day from industry veterans who are incredibly passionate about what they do. I am so grateful to be part of the GSMC board! 

Amber Wahler

Director of Sales & Marketing, Melia Homes
I grew up as the daughter of a real estate investor, and as a child I incessantly begged my mother to take me to tour model homes.
I think it’s safe to say real estate is in my blood. As a teenager I began assisting local top agents and witnessed firsthand the success and independence that real estate had created for many young women; and I knew then that I had found my path. It wasn’t until I jumped into homebuilding in 2010 that I knew I was “home.”

Jason Weiner

EVP Ops and Business Development, Vintage Design Incorporated Here to change the world!!! One floor, cabinet or cross-check at a time!! I love what I do, no matter what that is. Whether it’s meeting with partners tailoring programs to fit their needs for flooring and cabinetry, coaching my son with his hockey and soccer teams, or just hanging out with my amazing family on Sunday’s after Church. If you love what you do, it shows! And I’m absolutely blessed to be part of an industry I love!