Meet Mahtty Kowalik: 2017 NAHB Sales Professional of the Year

Meet Mahtty Kowalik: 2017 NAHB Sales Professional of the Year

IMG_8337It goes without saying that for every defining moment in one’s life, there’s the story of the journey that got them to that moment. The people we encounter who played crucial roles, the role of manager, teacher, friend, mentor, student…these relationships will last a lifetime and are a blessing. Each relationship is equally important to the journey. The journey, that I call my career path since 1989, has been an incredible one with the support and education from the Sales & Marketing Council and the Building Industry Association. I am extremely grateful to the BIA, GSMC, Lisa & Shane Parrish, and all the professionals in our industry who have volunteered their personal time to contribute their expertise over the years for the benefit and growth of others.

It was through this contribution that I learned of GSMC (formally SMC) when I first entered into the new home industry back in 1993. I had been licensed for four years and working in commercial real estate, and now stepping into the New Home Industry. This support system set me on a successful path in my career! Within a few months as a sales assistant, my manager let me know about the CSP course offered by SMC, which was taught by the wonderful Michael Hixson. Fortunately, there was an opportunity for a scholarship.  I eagerly filled out the application, knowing I wanted to learn my craft correctly and not just wing it! Fortunately, I was awarded the scholarship. Within the next year, I learned about the I.R.M. courses at UCI taught by our industry professionals, Rita Lamkin being one of the amazing teachers. I applied for the scholarship again and was blessed to be awarded with that as well. Thrilled to say that I received my M.I.R.M.  The stars were lined up for this eager student who wanted to soak up all the knowledge possible in our industry. The more I learned, the better Sales Professional I became. Within three short years, I was awarded 1997 SMC’s SoCal Salesperson of the Year in the most competitive price category at the time.

FullSizeRender (1)I am often asked what is my secret to success? I use the metaphor of an octopus to describe a successful team: Each of the eight tentacles of the octopus has a brain, allowing the tentacles to operate independently of one another. One tentacle is not going to disrupt the other, rather it will support it for the benefit of whole.  A team is not only made up of the sales team on the frontline within the sales office, it’s the team of sales, construction, escrow, design, management, marketing, mortgage and everyone else involved that makes the dream of homeownership a reality. Today, I am truly blessed to be a part of the Toll Brothers’ team, working with and being supported by the incredibly talented teammates of Dottie Sweeney, Mitra Khorram, Seth Ring, Brad Hare, Pete Hemphill, Lee Orr, Isaac Boyd, Aaron Bransky, Jim Boyed, Yvette Kaylor, Melody Simec and many others!  I always keep in mind to stay respectful and humble as we are all ladies and gentlemen, working with ladies and gentlemen as a team.

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Over the years in this wonderful industry, I’ve been honored to be surrounded by supportive working relationships. The teachings of Susan Hyland, Jeff Shore, Rita Lamkin, Gail Zalta, Valerie Roos, and Michael Hixson are a few names who guided me on my journey and helped me to stay on course. Through my involvement with SMC/GSMC & BIA, I have met friends along the way in our industry who have taught me lessons and truly cared about my growth, which will stay with me forever (George Marhoefer, Tony and Anne Marie Moiso, Roland and Matt Osgood, Greg Malone, Jeff & Valerie Roos, Steve Wolpin andQuint Lears just to name a few).

It is said that if you love what you do, then you never have to work a day in your life.  I am at a place in my life where I absolutely love mentoring and paying it forward to the up-and-coming professionals in our industry…an industry where we build a house and sell a home.

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Mahtty Kowalik is the Senior Sales Manager for Toll Brothers’ Alta Vista community in Orchard Hills. She was awarded SoCal GSMC Sales Professional of the year in 2016, and named NAHB Sales Professional of the Year in 2017.

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