May 9, Cannonball Moments with Chad Sanschagrin & 1st Quarter Sales Awards

May 9, Cannonball Moments with Chad Sanschagrin & 1st Quarter Sales Awards

Chad is an international trainer and speaker, and he’s mastered the science of psychology in the art of selling. With a professional career track in sales and customer service, Chad’s story is a classic example of the American Dream.

Humble beginnings of Chad in the role of a dishwasher ignited a passion inside of him to become more by expecting nothing less than greatness of himself.

Being promoted several times over the course of 5 years eventually led to Chad pursuing a career on the front lines, where he could leverage his big personality and interpersonal skills in professional sales.

After national recognition as the number one salesperson for one of the largest home builders in North America, Chad was asked by a top training company to facilitate training content, and worked as a sales coach and public speaker.

Leaders know that the conquering of one mountain only leaves them at a plateau for the next one, and in February of 2017, Chad laced up his climbing boots for his greatest challenge yet: the launching of his own company, Cannonball Moments.

Cannonball Moments is about living the dream. It’s not so much about success in the form of monetary reward, traveling the globe, vacationing to exotic locations, or stacking up houses and timeshares across the nation… it’s about having it all.

It’s about having the best of both worlds – your mind and your heart (your inside world) and the results (your outside world) reflecting the same.

Today, Chad is more than just a motivational speaker. He is a revolutionary culture-shock to companies that want more than bottom-line-focused employees. He works with companies that want great people to produce great results as employees.

The programs offered by Cannonball Moments are designed to: help employees discover their inner-champion; provide consistent tactical sales and leadership lessons to increase converted sales and eradicate mediocrity by conditioning a growth mindset.

Chad lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and twin, 13-year old daughters. He coaches his daughters’ basketball team and is an active voice in his community.

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