Gretchen Fuog

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Gretchen Fuog

Senior Account Coordinator - Kovach Marketing

"I got involved in the homebuilding industry when I was asked to help out at a few Grand Opening events after returning from living abroad. After touring prospective buyers through the model homes for a few weekends, I realized how special this industry was; that we all collectively get to help make a house a home and create communities through the home building, marketing, and buying process, and have worked in the staffing, marketing financing & selling aspects of the industry. I fell in love with marketing in that I get to help on both sides; externally, help those looking for a new home discover the wonderful communities our homebuilders have designed and built, and internally, help create the look and feel of a company's brand and its communities. I am passionate about volunteering my time in the industry, whether it relates to advocacy, philanthropy, homelessness initiatives or just getting to know my peers. I also serve as the 2020 NextGen Committee Chair; engaging the younger generation in the BIA and its councils & committees are so important. l am grateful to have worked alongside and gotten to know so many acquaintances that I now call friends in the industry, and be able to give back to the industry that continues to give to me."

Greater Sales and Marketing Council