Jay Bey

Jay Bey Director of Sales at K. Hovnanian Homes
When it comes to Real Estate, I can talk about it, listen to it, study, learn, and do it, 24/7. That helps because it's a 7-days a week job. I thought that after 7 years of experience, I would be tired of it, but it continues to give me energy every day. I am currently responsible for the sales of communities in the SoCal market, including everything south of Bakersfield and as far out as Indio. At/expecting full capacity in late 2022, I will manage 19 new home sales consultants.
I started my career out of college in grocery store management, working my way up from cart boy to store manager in 9 months. I was introduced to sales, working for Marlboro Cigarettes in their sales and marketing department. I was introduced to new home sales in 2017,  where I was awarded the management position at the worst performing community. Turning it into a shining star gave me to confidence to continue growing within the industry. GSMC gives me the opportunity to give back my time to something I enjoy doing, making it a win-win. With a growth mindset, GSMC is a great avenue for promoting new talent participation in the Real Estate Industry, while also sharpening the current Real Estate professionals, ultimately driving the contiuation of this phonomenal industry.

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